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Stephen Eastaugh Selection

Buildings at Casey Base, Antarctica
2000, oilstick, varnish, salvaged wood

Lovely Massive Uncompassionate
2000, acrylic, oilstick, jute, 91 x 91cm

Personal Void Impact
2000, acrylic, oilstick, jute, 91 x 91cm

Ms Chemical and Mr Smog Get Married
1997, ink on tarpaulin, 146 x 146cm

Wilkes Land
2000, acrylic, jute, 40 x 40cm each x 21 images

Biography and Qualifications

Born Melbourne, 1960
Bachelor of Fine Arts, Victorian College of the Arts, 1981

Description of Work

I don't have a home. This is odd and almost illegal in the modern world. Not having a home makes me constantly intransit. I suck up visas, kilometres and vistas like a hungry leech in a bloodbath. This lifestyle that I chose twenty years ago seems like a pathetic disease, or on a good day, a constructive kind of travelsickness. My particular symptoms include: confusing domestic with exotic, thinking airports are cosy, becoming automatically diplomatic in any situation, finding loneliness fun, solitude is desired, bowel problems are normal, borders and mis-communication seem like homely topics and naturally homesickness is cured. Like many diseases this tumbleweed fever overrides all else. I often wonder if I did have a home, would I be able to stay there for longer than a few months without this sickness arriving on my doorstep and arranging my departure.

Foreign is now very familiar to me. I wallow in foreignness like a fat water-buffalo in mud, moving from one wallow hole in Phnom Penh to another in Paris and then onto Perth. Everysomewherever seems better than stasis. I am pleasantly lost and at ease with my form of melding life, art and travel together. Sometimes this wanderlust feels like a bizarre non-stop stopover or a strange habitual dislocation, but thankfully there are the occasional comfortable pillows to ease my travails.

Stephen Eastaugh, Beijing, 2002


Eastaugh has held around thirty-one solo exhibitions since 1987, with galleries in Australia, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Thailand, Bulgaria, France and the Netherlands. Other residencies, awards and exhibitions include:


National Gallery of Australia, Canberra; National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne; Art Gallery of Western Australia, Perth; Museum of Modern Art at Heide, Melbourne; Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney; Australian Antarctic Division Collection; Gold Coast City Gallery, Gold Coast, Queensland; City of Hamilton Art Gallery, Hamilton, Victoria; Artbank, Sydney; Faber Castell Collection, Sydney

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