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Goody Barrett Selection

Dreamtime Women
1999, natural ochres on canvas, 120 x 120cm

Geminyban Caves
2000, natural ochres on canvas, 122 x 135cm

Biographical information

Goody Barrett is a senior Gija woman who was born on Lissadell Station to the north of Warmun (Warrmarn - Turkey Creek) in the East Kimberley in Western Australia in about 1930. Her Gija name is Lilwayi and her skin is Nyawurru. Goody has been painting with Jirrawun Aboriginal Arts since 1998. Most of her paintings show dreamings and places where she walked in the bush on Lissadell when she was a child. In the last thirty years the country on Lissadell Station has undergone massive destruction on two counts. It is partly under the water of Lake Argyle formed by the damming of the Ord River and it is also the site of the Argyle Diamond Mine, which has demolished an entire dreaming place. Due to the impact of the mine on the country she often paints the dreamings associated with the area.

Goody is also a singer with the Neminuwarlin Performance Group. She sang in its production of Fire, Fire Burning Bright at the Perth Festival in February 2002 and Melbourne Festival in October 2002.


Goody's work has been included in group exhibitions in Melbourne, Darwin and overseas, including four with William Mora Galleries. Other exhibitions include:


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